COB 1842

This is our largest size machine  Cob1842.

It can produce  18 blocks in a press for 20x40x20 cm hollow or solid block.  It can produce 42 pcs interlock. 

Pallet size is 140x130 cm.

This Machine is using for  fully automatic with finger car , elevator, lowerator and  curing chambers.

Machine has biggest size of palet. this is not  suitable  for use forklift transport with palet has legs. 

All factory can be controlled  PLC system. 

Curing Chamber


concrete block machine


concrete block machine

Finger car  works for carrying pallet from elevator to chamber and chamber to lowerator.  it can works automatic control from main control panel. all its moving by speed control and adjustable. 

Palet layer is  2x10 layers   1x14 layers  or  1x15 layers.

Max loading capacity is 10 tons.

Palet type are steel or wood.